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Prayers Given to Locutionary Jelena Vaslj

Thought not one of the well know 6 Medjugorje visionaries, Jelena is one of the first seers in Medjugorje. Jelena has internal apparition inside of her better know as inner locutions.

Prayer for the Sick

O my God, This sick person before You has come to ask You what he/she desires, and what he/she believes to be the most important thing for himself. Grant, O God that these words enter into his/her heart. (it is important to be healthy in the soul!) Lord May Your Holy will be done unto him/her in everything if you wish that he/she be healed may he/she be given health. But if Your will is different may he/she continue to bear his/her cross. I pray to You also for us who intercede for him/her purify our hearts so as to make worthy for Your holy mercy to be given through us. Protect him/her and relieve his/her sufferings, may your holy will be done unto him/her. Through him/her may Your Holy Name be revealed: Help him/her to bear his/her cross with courage.

*Recite Glory Be three times.



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