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Prayer for a Sick Person

(Dictated to Jelena)

(Three times recite the Glory Be followed by this prayer)
O my God,
Behold this sick person before You.
He has come to ask You what he wishes and
what he considers as the most important thing for him.
You, O my God, make these words enter into his heart:
“What is important, is the health of his soul.”
Lord, may Your will in everything take place in his regard,
If You want him to be cured, let health be given to him;
But if Your will is something else, let him continue to bear his Cross.
I also pray to You for us, who interceded for him;
Purify our hearts, to make us worthy to convey Your holy Mercy.
Protect him and relieve his pain. That Your holy will be done in him,
That Your holy name be revealed through him.
Help him to bear his Cross with courage.

Important messages for the sick from Our Lady in Medjugorje:
“For the cure of the sick, it is important to say the following prayers:  the Creed, and seven times each, The Lord’s Prayer, the Hail Mary, and the Glory Be, and to fast on bread and water.  It is good to impose one’s hands on the sick and to pray.  It is good to anoint the sick with Holy Oil.  All priests do not have the gift of healing.  In order to receive this gift, the priest must pray with perseverance and believe firmly.” (July 25, 1982)

“When you are sick, when you suffer from something, don’t say, ‘Oh, why has this happened to me and not to somebody else.’  No, say instead: ‘Lord, I thank you for the gift you are giving me.’  For the sufferings are really great gifts from God.  They are sources of great graces for you and for others.  When you are sick, many of you only pray and repeat, ‘Heal me, heal me.’ No, dear children, this is not correct because your hearts are not open; you shut your hearts through your sickness.  You cannot be open to the will of God nor to the graces He wants to give you.  Pray this way: ‘Lord, Thy will be done in me.’  Then only can God communicate His graces to you, according to your real needs that He knows better than you.  It can be healing, new strength, new joy, new peace – only open your hearts.”
(November 1991)


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