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THE SISTERS ADORERS OF THE BLOOD OF CHRIST came to Budžak, a part of Banja Luka, in 1879, seven years after the Sisters of Charity. They founded the convent of «Nazaret», where they established a school and an orphanage and later a girls’ school in the center of Banja Luka (on the location of today’s “Chamber of the RS Military”).  Many generations of Banja Luka girls have been educated there. The sisters also had a community in great proximity of that school, called «Marija Pomoćnica» and one in the Bishop’s ordinariate.  Today, they only work in the ordinariate and reside in the convent of «Novi Nazaret» in Banja Luka.  After World War II, the sisters were expelled from Bosnia and Herzegovina, their property was confiscated and the beautiful convent church torn down in 1950! Today, there are military barracks on that location.

The sisters constructed a new convent on a new location in Budžak and named it «Novi Nazaret» after the previous convent, which is still functioning today. In the convent there is a small chapel, which, for a long time served as a replacement for the inexistent Budžak parish church.  Other than working in Budžak, the sisters also work in the parish of Marija Zvijezda at the Trappist convent.  In the Banja Luka region, the sisters used to live also in the monasteries of Bosanski Aleksandrovac and Nova Topola, from which they were expelled in 1995, when Serb refugees were allowed to move into their premises. Today, the monastery of Aleksandrovac is hosting a community of recovering drug addicts.  The premises in Nova Topola were recently returned to the sisters, but will require large repairs before the sisters will be able to move in.

Samostan sestara «Novi Nazaret»
ul. Ilije Garašanina 12
BiH -78000 Banja Luka



Source: www.biskupija-banjaluka.org


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