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30 Years of Apparitions

Medjugorje is one of the towns of the Western Herzegovina municipality of Citluk (Čitluk) in the previous Yugoslavia. The name Medjugorje is Slavic and means "area between two moutains". This real life story occurs in the Bijakovici section of Medjugorje. On the afternoon of June 24, 1981, 2 girls, Ivanka Ivankovic, age 15, and Mirjana Dragicevic, age sixteen, were returning home from a walk. Looking toward the hill called Crnica, Ivanka saw a bright profile of a woman. She revealed to Mirjana, "it is the Gospa!" ( Our Lady ).

On June twenty-five, the two girls returned to the hill with four others. Their names are, Vicka Ivankovic, age sixteen, Ivan Dragivevic, age sixteen, Maria Pavlovic, age 16 and Jakov Colo, age ten. A figure in white was calling them to come up the hill. The children were somehow transported in some confusing way to a stunning woman who calls herself, the Queen of Peace. The lady gives messages to the seers for the entire world. To date, the Queen of Peace has left thousands of messages. At first, the messages were almost daily. Now, for the previous several years, they come on the 25th of every month.


The idealists describe Our lady as lovely beyond words ; glowing with holiness. Her chats with the youngsters have taken the kind of motherly sensitiveness and love, and she took the task of both mother and catechist in advising and directing their lives. She greets them with, "praised be Jesus, my dear children." At the end of the apparition she says, "Go in peace, my dear children." She seems to the 6 visionaries as a 3D real image and always appears among brilliant flashes of light. Her appearances usually occur about 6:40 pm each day. The entire evening service lasts about three hours. And this has been occuring daily since 1981! During the apparitions, the visionaries do not react to light, they don't hear any materialistic sound, they don't react to being touched. They have been subject to many scientific tests even during the apparitions, and the observations are well documented. While with Our woman, they feel they are outside space-time.
Our lady commenced imparting secrets to the visionaries in Medjugorje awfully early on. She has informed the visionaries that each of them would receive ten systems. Our lady has imparted these strategies to the six visionaries gradually over these past 18 years. Three idealists have received all ten, and subsequently, they have stopped having the daily apparition with Our woman. The other 3 each have nine. The systems apply to the visionaries themselves, to the Church, to the sign, to all humanity, and to everybody, and to the whole world and to Medjugorje. The ninth and tenth secrets are grave matters. They are a chastisement for the sins of the world. The punishment is unavoidable because we cannot expect the conversion of the entire world. The censure can be mitigated by requests and penance. It cannot be suppressed. A noxious which threatened the world, according to the 7th secret, had been eliminated thru prayer and fasting according to Mirjana.


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