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It has been wonderful reading all of the conversion stories. Here is another one and since this one has alot to do with pentecost I felt inspired to send it today on Pentecost Sunday.

As you know I grew up in a evangelical family. As far back as I can remember God and Jesus have been real to me and my mother says that i asked Jesus to come into my heart at the age of six. We prayed and read the Bible together as a family just about everyday, so coming to know and love God was natural for me.
I got rather distracted by the usual teenager things, horses,boys and clothes but thanks to my families and others prayers I kept on going to church and youth group meetings.
Towards the end of high school I remember having such a longing for more of God. At that time some of my girlfriends began going to a Bible study in a little farm house way out in the country. I remember noticing that they had what i was missing, a particular joy and gladness and I wanted that also.
They invited me to go with them to this Bible study. I was afraid. Somthing will happen to you, you better not go the enemy told me. But I went and that one little action changed my life. I will never forget going into that humble little farmhouse for the first time. As I stepped into the living room it was as if a cloud of glory surrounded me, so strong was the presence of the Holy Spirit in that crowded room. As my new friend sprayed for me I felt Jesus love and presence in a way that I had never felt before.

Later that year these same friends and I attented a Jesus rally. There was an invitation to recieve the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the end of the rally. Not knowing what I was getting into exactly but wanting and longing for more of God I went into a smaller room for prayer. A lady prayed for the girls and a man, for the boys.

This lady layed her hands on my head and began to pray in tongues. I thought to myself, what am I getting into now?
But at the same time I could feel the love that she and the Holy Spirit had for me so I began to relax and to praise Jesus. Suddenly it felt like a fire, a cleansing fire washed over me and that all of my sins were washed or burned away by that holy fire. (see Acts 2, 1-11)

As the years have gone by the Holy Spirit has taught me about His gifts that He wants to use for the benefit of the church, prophecy, teaching, discernment, healing, and hospitality among them.

When I moved to Norway and became a lutheran and then a catholic, God was working on other things in my life, like learning to love, forgive and show mercy, so these gifts were I'm sorry to say kind of put on a shelf, so to speak. BUT when I got to Medjugorje, almost immedieately they were brought back to life again, as Mary sees what her children need and when they need it!

Love in Christ,
Rebecca, Norway

Let us keep on doing what Mary asks us to!
"Dear Children, I want to say to you,pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on your families and your parishes. Pray and you will not regret it! God will give you gifts for which you glorify Him untill the ends of your earthly lives. Thank you for having responded to my call." (Mary in Medjugorje 2 June, 1984)

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