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Today I had a very interesting lunchtime. I often take my rosary and walk and pray. I do not hide my rosary but let it swing at my side as I walk. Other people are walking too and I am amazed at how much people notice that I am praying. I do not try to make it obvious I just do not hide it.

Today, four teenagers yelled, "Hey lady!!" I turned to see who they were yelling at and it was me they were running to see. I work at a Children's Hospital! These kids asked me to say my prayers for their sister who is very sick in the hospital. They were so very worried about her. I told them that I would rather pray WITH them. They said they did not know how to pray the rosary and pointed to the one I was holding. I prayed with a rosary that my daughter made for me of red, white and blue with my adopted soldier's name on it. They loved it!

They said they would pray it if they knew how. So I told them I would teach them. We all sat down on the grass on a main street and I took out my book and taught them the new mysteries and we all prayed. They caught on very fast. I wanted to cry but it all hit me when I returned to my office..in fact, I had to close the door I was so very emotional.

I had mentioned Medjugorje and they did not know what that was. So, low and behold, in my tote, was the Special edition of the Beginner's Guide from the "Spirit of Medjugorje!" Thank you June Klins!! It really came in handy. They are coming back tomorow for a plastic rosary I had promised from Medugorje. I am hoping they come at lunch time again and we can all pray. They wanted to know everything. It was like a classroom on the grass. I wish I could have stayed with them all afternoon!! Thank you Blessed Mother for sending your children to learn how to pray. They loved the rosary so much they want the rest of the family to pray with them. They told me they will teach them.

I promised to give them plastic rosaries from Medjugorje yesterday after giving them the Special Edition of "The Spirit of Medjugorje" that explains the beginning of Medjugorje and tells you all that you need to know if you never heard about it. Though, I must admit I bet many people who think they know everything can learn something. Anyway, they came today so very happy. They are two young girls around 12-13 and two boys a bit older maybe 15 and 16.

I must tell you that I was having a very emotional day. A three year old girl who just came to see me last week and was doing so well is dying. I have known her mom since 1990. The prayers appeared to be working for her healing and I just cried with someone who broke the news to me that she is now very terminal since the cancer is now in her bones. She is in very much pain. Please everyone please, say some extra prayers for Natalie tonite. They could tell I was upset even though I was smiling to see them. I could not wait to see them and I knew it would cheer me up! They all told me that they would pray for me after giving me hugs. I cried more because these kids were so caring to someone they did not even know!! They thanked me for teaching them the rosary and told me they were practicing. They also plan on teaching all their relatives and want to have a rosary party!!!

They had asked me what was wrong. I asked them to pray for Natalie. I explained that she has cancer. They wanted to know why God could let this happen. "Oh God ! I prayed inside you gave these kids to me so now give me the right answers!! Since I too right now could ask you the same thing!" I told them in heaven it will be perfect and that here on earth is not so easy at times. I told them that only God knows all the answers and even in bad times He takes those predicaments and always makes good out of it.

John, the oldest boy told me that he has such a wonderful feeling inside when he says the Hail Mary. I told him to say that rosary every day and he will see miracles in his life. I also reminded them to pray with their heart and not just say it to get it done. I asked them to come again to visit and we could talk more about Medjugorje. They told me they already found some web sites and I cautioned them about some of the bad ones out there. I told them to follow the ones in the Special Guide that I gave them.

I may be seeing them with their whole family. On July 13th June Klins and I are coordinating a "Touch of Medjugorje with Jamie Marich." They want to come and bring their whole family. I hope that they do. I have a feeling this is one very special family. Could we all say a prayer for all of them tonite? Also an extra one for the little sister Sue. Thanks so much.

Love and Prayers,


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