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VEGETATION - VINEYARD Just as the area of Herzegovina stretches from the coast to high mountain-land, so too the belts of woodland correspond to the different levels above the sea. During the winter, or during the summer drought when the vegetation completely dies out, some Herzegovinian landscapes look like a Karst desert.
Of the total land area of Herzegovina, 56.8% is given to agriculture (arable and pastoral lands), while 42.4% is taken up by the woodland. The remainder is 0.8%.

In southern Herzegovina, the evergreen vegetation is predominant, so this picturesque landscape is held throughout the whole year. Its greenery decorates the Karst hillsides and the coastline. In the area surrounding Medjugorje, many expansive lush oak woods can be seen, and here and there, they crop up to beautify other areas of Herzegovina.

Herzegovina also has some indigenous species of plant-life. From the significant Mediterranean genus, we can single out the pomegranate. Its red flowers and fruit attract attention. Its oak, ivy, beech and Cystisis laburnum are elements belonging to the Mediterranean flora, while its pine belongs to the Euro-Asian flora. The pretty blossoms on the brambles and heather, sage and honeysuckle (which are typical of the Herzegovinian hillsides) present an attractive allurement. When this shrubbery blooms, the grey Karst hillsides change colour. In the springtime, the honeysuckle gives it a yellowy hue, which later becomes blue with the sage, then white from the heather and brownish-yellow from the blossoming brambles. If we could look from above, we would see a multi-coloured carpet landscape. This presents a romantic Herzegovinian landscape. The perfume of the flowers and the freshness of the air have a favourable influence on the human organism. Bees fly from flower to flower and produce the well-known Herzegovinian 'restorative' or 'healing' honey.

Apart from the indigenous species of nature, there's also the 'man-made' cultivation of crops, which (with the help of the fruitful soil of the area) has made something unique. The well-known Herzegovinian tobacco (Nicotinum tobacum) is featured as one of the best tobaccos of the world for its quality. However, its exportation is practically unheard of in the present day.

Nonetheless, Herzegovina has other rarities and quality products, which make her exporters proud. Among them, we certainly must mention the well-known wines Zilavka and Blatina. These vines flourish only in Herzegovina under these conditions and in the comfortable Mediterranean climate. Herzegovina is also renowned for the "first cherries." Due to climate and conditions, they ripen much earlier here than in surrounding areas. In fact, the Herzegovinian conditions are predisposed for the planting of fruit trees.


Thousands of cherry, plum, pear, peach, apple, apricot, and marasca trees grow here. Because of this Herzegovina has become one of the biggest providers of fruit and vegetables in Bosnia-Herzegovina. These are immense plantations, watered by artificial rain clouds.



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