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Medjugorje Nightlife


There is not very much at all to Medjugorje Nightlife, and the town can get very quiet in the evenings and at night. But as much as the “traditional” forms of night entertainment such as pubs, bars and clubs are lacking in Medjugorje, the town is most interesting when it is dark, as tourists get to make up along the way what the best activities of the town at night are. Here are a few options.

Evening and Night Strolls

The day in Medjugorje is beautiful, but the night is more so. This is the time when the lights come up and the town gains a form of romantic and surreal atmosphere that is missing in the day. The town is generally a peaceful one with very low crime rates and very safe, so do not be worried about venturing out at night. In fact, this is encouraged, particularly in the summer months when the night time is a good reprieve from the intense heat and sun of the afternoon. The main draw in the night is still the St James Church, standing regally with its lights and accompanied by the stars. Be sure to take in the sights at a distance as well, particularly during the full moon periods, when the mountains in a distance can be seen clearly. Medjugorje literally means “between mountains,” and is surrounded by a beautiful natural mountainous environment that exudes an elegance in the night air.

Join a Night Vigil

Medjugorje is a nearly all-Catholic town, so it is common to have night vigils throughout the town during important points of the year, such as Easter, or during points of need, such as during natural disasters. The town itself is famous for the claims of the apparition of the Virgin Mary appearing to Croats in 1981, so it attracts pilgrims from all over the world to join in prayer, making it one of the largest prayer centers in the world. You do not have to be Catholic to take part in the night vigil activities, as the people and the pilgrims are generally welcoming and would invite anyone to share in their activities and faith. What is needed, however, is a sensitivity and a level of reverence that has to be given to their practices, including prayers, communion and occasional sharing by the priests or the people. Other than that, this is a good way to get to know Medjugorje and the people living in the town.



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