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The 21st International Priests Seminar will be held in Međugorje

from July 4 to 9, 2016

Topic:  "Be merciful, just as also  your Father is merciful." (Lk 6, 36)

"In Our Lady's School"



July 4th 2016, Monday

  1. 00 – 18. 00 Registration of participants (Hall of the Blessed John Paul II)


(Prayer of the Rosary, Holy Mass, Prayer for healing of body and soul, Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary)

July 5th 2016, Tuesday

9.00     Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

  1. 30 Lecture, prayer
  2. 00 Break (Silent Adoration)

15.30   Lecture, prayer

18.00  The evening prayer programme (Rosary, Holy Mass, Prayer for healing of body and soul, Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary)

22.00   Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

July 6th 2016, Wednesday

9.00     Laudes in Latin and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

  1. 30 Lecture, prayer
  2. 00 Break (Silent Adoration)

15.30   Lecture, prayer

18.00  The evening prayer programme (Rosary, Holy Mass, Prayer for healing of body and soul, Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary)

July 7th 2016, Thursday

6.00     Rosary at Apparition Hill

  1. 00 Lecture, prayer
  2. 00 Break (Silent Adoration)

15.30  Lecture, prayer

18.00  The evening prayer programme (Rosary, Holy Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament)

July 8th 2016, Friday

6.00 The Way of the Cross on Cross Mountain, confessions

  1. 30 Lecture, prayer

18.00 The evening prayer programme (Rosary, Holy Mass,Veneration of the Holy Cross )

July 9th 2016, Saturday

08.30   Prayer at fr. Slavko Barbarić's grave

09.00   Sharing of experiences, suggestions and testimonies


 The leaders of the Seminar for Priests are:

Father Damir Pavić was born on 9 November 1971 in Vareš. His native parish Vijaka was dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. He is a member of the province Bosna Srebrena. He was ordained on 29 June 2005 in Sarajevo. He worked in the parish Fojnica, the parish Okučani and for the last four years he has served in the parish of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Brestovski. Upon Virgin Mary’s intercession, he felt the love for the call of the priest in Međugorje.

Father Marinko Šakota was born in Čitluk in 1968. He completed the elementary school, as well as the first class of the High school in Čitluk. Then he felt the Franciscan calling and went to the Franciscan seminary in Visoko where he completed the second class of the Grammar school, and the remaining two he completed in the Jesuit Grammar School in Dubrovnik where he later graduated. He put on the Franciscan habit on July 15, 1987 in Humac where he spent his first year of the Novitiate. He started studying philosophy and theology in Sarajevo at the Franciscan Theology (1989-1990), continued in Zagreb at the Jesuit College (1990-1992), and he completed his studies in Fulda, Germany, where he graduated in 1995. He gave eternal vows in Široki Brijeg in 1993. He was ordained as deacon in Zagreb in 1996 and as a priest in Frohnleiten in 1996. He first served in Franciscan monastery in Innsbruck where he spent a year as an assistant, then as a spiritual assistant in Frohnleiten, and as an assistant parish priest in Augsburg. He served as the assistant parish priest in Mostar for three years, and was then appointed as the parish priest in Gradnići for seven years. He has been serving as the assistant parish priest in Međugorje since September 2010, and as the parish priest in the same parish since 2013.

            You may make reservations by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by fax: +387-36-651-999 (for Marija Dugandzic).

The parishioners of the Međugorje parish will provide free accommodation to all priests during the seminar as they have done in the previous years. We kindly ask all priests who are organising their own accommodation with friends in Međugorje to list the name, surname and telephone number of the family with whom they have organised accommodation in their registration form. Priests who do not have acquaintances and the possibility of directly organising accommodation with families should make a note of this in their registration form and we will organise it for them.

Instead of a monetary payment, we ask you to kindly celebrate five Holy Masses for this intention.

It is necessary to bring with you: your celebret given by your superior, an alb and stole, a Bible.

 Many priests who do not have access to Internet may not have been informed about the existence of this international meeting in Medjugorje. Therefore, we kindly ask all Organisers of pilgrimages, Prayer Groups and Centres for Peace to publish this information as widely as possible by all means at their disposal, so that as many priests as possible may participate. In as much as it is possible, we also kindly ask you to financially assist the priests who would like to come but do not have the necessary funds for such a journey. We thank you in advance and pray for God’s blessing and the blessing of the Queen of Peace upon you and your work.

For the purpose of the seminar organization and your safety, please consider yourself registered for seminar only when you receive our written confirmation. If you did not receive our reply, it means that we have not received your application and that you are not registered, because you forwarded your e-mail to a wrong address or you have got a virus which blocks your e-mails automatically. Consequently, you may consider yourself registered for the seminar only if you received a positive response.

Source: Medjugorje. hr

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