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The Best of "The Spirit of Medjugorje" Volume II

The Mercy / Blessing Prayer

By June Klins

“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”  Who in the world ever made that one up?  Have you ever been hurt by something someone said about you?  If not, what planet are you from?   

Not too long ago someone I care about hurt me deeply by saying some unkind things about me.  After I heard this I could hardly look this person in the face again.  It was eating me alive because it was impossible to avoid this person.  I confided in my friend Pat about this, and she gave me some good advice.

Pat said that Father Larry Richards once taught her a prayer to say when she was deeply hurt & angered by some people.  He told her to say this prayer every time she thought of them (which she says was constant at first):  "Father, have mercy on me and bless them."   Pat explained, “If you're like me, you think the words are mixed up, but they're not.  You're asking God to forgive YOU and bless THEM!  When I started saying it I was so angry that I said the words but couldn't mean them.  All these thoughts raced through my mind (i.e., I don't need forgiven. I didn't do anything wrong, it was them!  They don't deserve to be blessed.  It should be ME!  I'm a victim.)  After a day of ‘praying’ like that I sat down on my sofa in the middle of the night, exhausted from the day of wrestling with that prayer and my thoughts of those people.  I realized I had actually been wrestling with God.  I started crying uncontrollably, telling God I was really sorry and He knew what was best for me and those people.  And for once, I said the prayer ‘Father have mercy on me and bless them’ and really meant it from my heart.  I was flooded with peace about the whole situation and it never left me.  Within days, God removed those people from my life (they unexpectedly relocated)!  I still sometimes pray for them and have no animosity toward them, although I had previously felt I'd never be able to forgive them for putting my family & me through that nightmare.”

I took Pat’s advice and said the prayer, from the heart as Our Lady tells us, every time I thought of the person who hurt me.  I was soon able to face them and felt perfectly comfortable.  I felt like a new woman!

A few weeks later, a lady on my internet prayer line wrote to me for advice on how to handle the pain her brother-in-law and sister-in-law had inflicted on her.  I told her about this short but powerful prayer that I have named “The Mercy/Blessing Prayer.”  A month later I wrote to her to see how she was doing and she replied, “I am feeling wonderful, in fact I no longer have any anger in my heart at all.  Yes, I'm still blessing her and I thank you so much for your good advice and prayer.  I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from both my shoulders and my heart.”

This prayer can even be used in situations where someone is not necessarily hurting you, but is irritating or annoying you in some way.  For instance, one morning I arrived at church a half hour before Mass was to begin so that I could pray a Rosary first.  Two women were there conversing (and to make matters worse, gossiping) with such loud voices they could have woken the dead.  As much as I tried to block them out, I could not. So I prayed, “Father, have mercy on me and bless those two women.”  I prayed it several times, and then all of the sudden, they stopped talking, and one of the ladies went to another pew. It worked.

A few days ago, my son was very upset because the tenants would not move out of the house he had leased weeks earlier.  He became even more upset when he found out that by law they could possibly be there another 90 days while they waited for the loan on their house to be approved. So I told him about the Mercy/Blessing Prayer, and said I was planning to write an article about it.  I suggested that he say the prayer faithfully, and told him that if the people moved out I would write about it.  He said he would consider it.  The next day, I asked him if he was saying the prayer and he replied, “Oh, yea.”  Tonight the landlord called to say that the tenants were gone!

Our Lady of Medjugorje said, “Pray for your enemies and call the Divine blessing upon them.” (6/16/83)

Maybe we could change the world with this simple prayer.  Repeat after me, “Father, have mercy on us, and bless the terrorists.”


Source: www.spiritofmedjugorje.org


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