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In the last number of our paper on p. 24 we wrote a special message to our readers that we would like to repeat here word for word: "Dear readers! In this issue you probably expected a special article on the unordinary manifestations in the Hercegovina parish of Medjugorje. But we shall rather leave it to time, patience and God's providence!"
It has now been three months since the first unordinary manifestations in the parish of Medjugorje. It has been almost that long since the last issue of our paper (three issues in one). It is also a long enough time for us now to be able to say something about the unordinary events of Medjugorje. Especially because these manifestations have been systematically recurring day by day, month by month, and attracting not only hundreds of thousands of the faithful but also the curious passing by Medjugorje. Namely, six Medjugorje children have been continuing to give firm witness about the daily apparitions of Our Lady. The multitude of the faithful, from nearly all areas of our country (also from abroad) has been all the more firmly accepting these testimonies. Besides this, individual witnesses with claims of miraculous healings have appeared. These attribute the healings to the intercession of the Mother of God - after they have fervently prayed to her and believed in her.

But in spite of all that, we are still not going to speak here about the miraculous apparitions or healings. We will also leave that to further "time, patience, and God's providence." Instead, we will just say something here about certain manifestations and testimonies that are evident and obvious to anyone.

First of all, from the very beginning of the unordinary manifestations in Medjugorje till today, the multitude of the faithful prays with profound devotion. This profound devotion which is rarely encountered, is evident during divine services to everyone who comes on a visit to the parish church of Medjugorje. It is also obvious that men and women, old and young, even the youngest, remain deep in prayer for unusually long periods of time. In addition to that, they are going to confession in great numbers. Among the penitents it is not rare to find those who openly admit that they have not been to confession for several decades. They say that something has drawn them to make their confession in Medjugorje and that they feel spiritually regenerated after it.

It is also evident that devout pilgrimages are almost endlessly pouring into Medjugorje. Not only from areas nearby but also from the most distant parts of the country. And not only Catholics, but also the believers of other religions. Among the countless pilgrimage groups, there is also not a small number of pilgrims who come by foot, sometimes needing several days to walk to Medjugorje. Often among them also there are those who walk bare footed. There are pilgrims coming every day and every night just to be at the evening mass, celebrated daily (on both weekdays and Sundays) at 6 PM. The spacious church of Medjugorje (one of the most spacious in Herceg-Bosna) is almost always too small to contain the assembled multitude of the faithful.

Also evident is the fasting which has been accepted by numerous faithful of all ages. People fast most regularly on Fridays but also on other days. And people are fasting like has not been done for a long time: just on bread and water. In addition to all this, many reconciliations of quarreling neighbors, quarreling families and individuals, have been witnessed.

Finally, the messages that the children-visionaries claim to be Our Lady's messages, as so far known, do not depart from gospel belief nor are they contrary to its contents. Namely, the children-visionaries consistently emphasize that through them Our Lady is inspiring the faithful to more fervent prayer, to a more efficacious faith, to peace, reconciliation, conversion, forgiveness and the praising of God. The children claim that Our Lady is also inspiring church officials to all this.

Finally, one should also not deny the testimony regarding the exceptional kindness and hospitality of the Medjugorje faithful and their priests. Those who have come to Medjugorje from distant areas talk about that with special enthusiasm. Coming from afar, in Medjugorje they have found refreshment, a warm word, and a hospitable home. Both Catholics and non-Catholics bear witness to that.


Naša Ognište, November 8, 1981. Duvno-Tomislavgrad, p. 3.

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