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Interviews with the Visionaries about Healings

Several miraculous healings have taken place associated with Medjugorje. While large numbers have gone to Medjugorje seeking cures, the number of cures seems mysteriously low. Some have the suspicion that once the sign takes place that all who have visited Medjugorje seeking a cure, will be healed. The interview below gives merit to this thought. According to Vicka, many will be healed when the sign appears.

The interview took place between Vicka and Fr. Janko Bubalo in the book A Thousand Encounters with the Blessed Virgin in Medjugorje… (1)

Janko: “Well, you told me about a young boy who is without a leg up to his left knee…You said that the Virgin would, without any conditions, cure him after the manifestation of Her promise told.

Vicka: “…The Virgin said that many would be healed at that time. And She behaved in a particular manner as regards that boy…He came almost every day to the Virgin’s apparitions. The Virgin took a special liking to him, and…

Janko: “And how do you know that?

Vicka: “This is how: once – somewhere around Christmas time, She showed us a vision of his leg. She removed that artificial plastic portion from it, and in place of that, his natural foot appeared.

Janko: “And for what purpose was that?

Vicka: “How should I know that! Perhaps the Virgin meant to say that he would be healed.

Janko: “Did he, at the time feel anything special?

Vicka: “He later told us that he felt someone touching his head. Something like that…Shortly after – two or three days later, some young people came to us, and there was singing and playing of music – the young boy was there…The Virgin appeared a bit earlier. And She showed us Herself with the boy alongside Her. He wasn’t aware of this, but later he told us that during the time of the apparition, he sensed something – like a current – flow through his foot…

Janko: “Through which foot?

Vicka: “Why, through the missing foot!

Janko: “But you didn’t say anything as to whether his foot would be healed or not!

Vicka: Well, the Virgin told us it would. But, She told us that later on…She told us that he would be healed completely, after Her sign. She told us that somewhere about the middle of 1982.

Janko: To whom did the Virgin tell it – to him or to you?

Vicka: To us, and we then told him.”


In a talk given in November 2006, Marija related the following:

“I encountered a family, a couple, who didn’t have children for 19 years of marriage. They went back and forth to doctors and were told they simply could not have children. A month ago, they finally had a baby. The husband and wife had come to Medjugorje and finally decided that they would pray together and that they would ask through prayer. Because Jesus said the one who is knocking, the door will be opened to them. They believed, and they prayed, and they requested and asked. And now they have this baby who is called Carlos Marie, and who was placed under the protection of Our Lady.

“We have so many other signs: a mother from Italy had cancer in her lungs. The cancer was in progress, even after surgeries. She took the image of Our Lady of Medjugorje that was blessed and, through her own tears, she was asking the grace from Our Lady. She would sleep in the chair because she couldn’t sleep on her bed anymore because of the pain. The doctor said she would simply die without breath because the lungs were completely taken over by the cancer. She fell asleep (with Our Lady’s picture) but when she woke up she felt such a warmth within herself. She said, ‘Then I finally realized that I felt that I was healed.’ She went to her doctors and they said we simply cannot explain how this happened. But they said it could be that we made a mistake when we did the exams before. There is always someone who always says there is something from a scientific point of view that can explain this always. But she said she had the surgery when they took out part of her lungs. And she had all the documents of her exams from the doctors when they said there is no more hope for her. Then finally, when she began to be overtaken with all kinds of pain, all they could propose to her was to give her morphine. She is healed. And also she came here to thank Our Lady.

I remember when I asked from her to tell me what happened, she started crying immediately. She said, ‘Why me? Why all that grace to me? There are so many young people who died, who are much younger than I am.’ And I said to her the first miracle that happened, that took place here in Medjugorje, there was a man who was almost blind, who was losing his sight. He was about 80 years old. He was here from Medjugorje. His house was at the foot of Cross Mountain. He just couldn’t come out of the house on his own anymore. His wife was also an old woman. When she heard about the apparitions starting in Medjugorje, she went to Apparition Hill. She took a little bit of the herbs she found there and a little of the soil. She boiled that in water. She put bandages in the water mixed with red clay and the herbs and put the bandages on the eyes of her husband. After he took the bandages off, his sight was back. And after that he could walk again and he was so happy that he was able to see and walk again. All of us, even us visionaries, went to see him. He was walking up and down stairs. Before that he said he couldn’t do it. He was so content. He was 80 years old. That was such a great thing. A miracle. He lived another 10 years and then he died.

“Just to say so many times we look for miracles, we are waiting for them. When we need something, we focus on that so much. But we forget the greatest miracle is the salvation of our own souls and that we have eternity in our own hands. There is so little that is missing, I want to embrace that path of holiness. And Our Lady repeats and continues. Our Lady says these messages are for every single one of us, that we have to take them and put them into practice in our lives. But after that, we still have liberty. And it is in liberty that we are suppose to choose.”

Mirjana related the following about a healing of a man from Sarajevo:

Question: “Do you know of any healing that’s connected with you?

Mirjana: “Yes, in Sarajevo. A man wrote to me to thank me.

Q: “What happened?

Mirjana: “I had all that in Sarajevo. I wrote it all down in my notebook. He was in a wheelchair, unable to walk, and he wrote me a very beautiful letter, full of strong emotions, telling me about his suffering. I asked the Madonna to help him, and She told me that he is a firm believer but that the he should pray more. He prays, but not for himself. And he should pray for himself, that he might be healed. Anyway, he finally prayed, and I prayed, and after three months he wrote to me again and said he could walk a little. He can get on his feet and walk a little with one crutch. He wrote to thank me.

Q: “So the Madonna said that if we pray for a particular need…

Mirjana: “We should emphasize exactly that: ‘Dear God, I’m praying to be healed of my illness.’ Pray like that. But pray from your heart, from the bottom of your soul, with feeling. It does not have to be a ‘regular’ prayer, but a conversation with God. ‘God, you see my suffering. You know how I am. I’m not complaining, my cross is not too difficult to bear, but I would like to be on my feet again so I can move around the world.’ Like that: conversation, then prayer.

Q: “How long should we pray?
Mirjana: “I believe that sick people should pray to God for one hour every day, intimately. I’m sure it would restore their souls and that God would grant them grace.” (3)


1. “Caritas Newsletter” – January 1998
2. Mej.com, Medjugorje Witness, November 6, 2006
3. “Words of the Harvesters” #21 – August 1996


Source: medjugorje.com


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