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June 24,1981

On June 24, 1981, at about 6pm six children - Ivanka Ivanković, Mirjana Dragičević,Vicka Ivanković,Ivan Dragičević,Ivan Ivanković and Milka Pavlović, were on a little hill named Crnica. While there, they saw a beautiful, young woman holding a baby in her arms. She never said anything that day, but tried to show them with her hands to come closer to her. The children got very scared and ran away, although they all thought they saw Virgin Mary.

June 25, 1981


The very next day, children agreed to go back to Crnica. They wanted to see that beautiful woman again, and their wish came true. The woman was standing there, but this time she didn’t have a baby in her arms. She looked very happy, and was so beautiful, they knew she was divine. And again, the woman pointed her gracious hands towards them and showed to come closer. This time, the children were brave and stood next to Virgin Mary and started praying “Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be”. Virgin Mary prayed with them, except for when they prayed “Hail Mary”.

After praying, the children started to ask Mary a lot of questions. Mirjana asked Our Lady for some sign to show people that they weren’t lying or being crazy.


The children asked if they were going to see Virgin Mary again, and she replied by nodding her head.

It’s important to say that on the first day, there were two children who never saw Mary again: Milka Pavlovic and Ivan Ivankovic. They were “replaced” by Marija Pavlovic and Jakov Colo. Although Ivan and Milka went to the apparition hill again in hope to see her, Virgin Mary never appeared to them again.

June 26, 1981

APPARITION HILL - MEDJUGORJE - PODBRDO - BRDO UKAZANJA -   MEĐUGORJE -11 The third day children were waiting for Virgin Mary to come again. They were going towards the same place, hoping to see her there. They were very happy, but felt fear of not knowing what to expect next. Still, their inner strength kept them moving and made them feel indescribable.

While children were still on their way, a bright light flashed three times. To them and to those following them, it was a sign showing that Virgin Mary was near, and that she was waiting for them.

That day, when the children were planning to leave their houses, some older women advised them to carry bottles of blessed water with them, just to make sure that nothing demonic was happening.

As one of the children splashed the water all around Virgin Mary, she smiled and stayed with them. Mirjana asked her about her name, and Mary replied: “I am the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

June 27, 1981

When Our Lady of Peace appeared on June 27, the children asked her a lot of questions. Blessed Virgin Mary had messages for priests and the visionaries.

The message for priests said: “May the priests firmly believe and may they take care of the faith of the people!“

Also, Jakov and Mirjana asked for a sign, so people can trust them. Mary replied: “Don’t be afraid of anything!”

June 28, 1981

As the rumor spread about Virgin Mary’s apparitions, more and more people gathered in front of the church. Fr. Jozo Zovko examined the children in order to find out what they’ve heard and seen in the previous days.

That day, when Our Lady appeared to the children, they asked her why she wouldn’t appear in the Parish Church so everyone could see her. Virgin Mary replied: “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe“.

June 29, 1981

On the sixth day, the children were taken to a nearby town called Mostar for a medical examination. The doctor who examined them said that they were in perfect mental and psychical health.

The doctor who followed them that day wanted to touch Our Lady. So, when Virgin Mary appeared, the children guided doctor’s hand, so she could put her hand on Mary. The doctor, although an atheist, felt a tingling sensation and spoke about what she sensed.

On June 29, a child named Danijel Setka therapeutically healed. His parents brought him to Medjugorje, and Virgin Mary told them through visionaries, to keep praying and believing.

June 30, 1981

On June 30, 1981 two girls wanted to keep the children away from Podbrdo – Crnica, so they trick them and see if everything was a scam. But, at the usual time of apparition, children asked to be let out of the car they were driving in, and started praying. And then, Our Lady appeared to them.

By that time, police wanted to secure Podbrdo, so nobody could go and visit the apparition place. But, Virgin Mary appeared to the children in various other locations – their houses, other fields…

In the meantime, the Parish Church began to host pilgrims from all over the country. The children gave out rosaries and they all prayed together. Sometimes Our Lady appeared in the Church. Even the Parish Priest, who was very skeptical of the apparitions, saw Virgin Mary once. He started singing immediately and everyone in the Church noticed that something strange was happening with him. Since then, the Parish Priest became a believer and children’s defender.

Since June 24, 1981 there has been only five days when Our Lady didn’t appear to any of the children.

Virgin Mary never had a “schedule” on when or where to appear. Sometimes she would have appeared to one visionary, and not to the others. Also, the apparitions sometimes lasted for only few minutes, and sometimes for almost an hour.


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