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What the Visionaries Say About the Secrets

Throughout the years of the apparitions, the Medjugorje visionaries were asked questions about the Ten Secrets. Many times their answers to the question was, “A secret is a secret.” They share only a little about the secrets. However, we do have the following insights about the secrets.
In an interview with Vicka in January 2, 2008 by Fr. Livio of Radio Maria, the following was addressed about the Ten Secrets:

Question: “…when the time of the secrets comes, the fourth through the tenth secrets, secrets which are evidently rather arduous, it means that in any event, in the time of the secrets, we will always have the sign of the Madonna which will comfort us. But you also said the last time, last year, that during the time of the ten secrets one of the seers will still have the daily apparitions of the Madonna.

Vicka: “Yes, it is certain, it is something I repeat now. We will see who it is, there is still me, Marija, and Ivan, afterwards we will see who the Madonna has chosen, who of us three remains with the apparitions. Or maybe it will be someone else that the Madonna has chosen.

Question: “…So you, Marija and Ivan…one of you three. Someone said something to Mirjana like, ‘Vicka said that during the time of the ten secrets there will be one seer who will continue to have the daily apparitions,’ but Mirjana said that she didn’t know anything about this. What does that mean? That this was told to you personally by the Madonna?

Vicka: “Yes, the Madonna told me personally. Afterwards we shall see, the Madonna didn’t say, ‘Vicka, it will be you.’ Now we just wait to see who it will be. She said that when the time comes, to the person who will continue to have the apparitions, She will explain every ‘how and what’ to that person.

Question: “The Madonna also spoke of false prophets saying, ‘Those who make catastrophic predictions are false prophets.’ They say: ‘in that particular year, on that particular day, there will be a catastrophe.’ I have always said that the chastisement will come if the world does not convert. Therefore I invite everyone to conversion. Everything depends on your conversion. So now I ask you, if we convert will there still be the Ten Secrets, or no?

V: “No, no, the Ten Secrets will take place for sure. The Madonna has already given them. She has described nine of them to me and now I am waiting for the last one. I can only tell about the secret which is the sign on the mountain which I already spoke about and now I only want to say this about the seventh secret: that the Madonna said that half of the seventh secret has been cancelled because of our prayers. She recommends that we continue praying because with our prayers we can mitigate also other secrets.”1

The following interview with Vicka was conducted by Fr. Janko Bubalo, the author of the book, A Thousand Encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugorje:

Janko: “Usually, Vicka, when one speaks of the Virgin’s apparitions, secrets are associated with them. This is the case here in Medjugorje, also.

Vicka: “I don’t know anything about that. Would you believe that I knew nothing about the apparitions of the Virgin in Lourdes, and I’ve been meeting with the Virgin at Podbrdo and Medjugorje more than a year. I even knew, somehow, to sing the song ‘From that Grotto’ without having any notion of what it is about. And to be honest, I don’t want to speak of any other secrets except those of Medjugorje.

Janka: “How many secrets did the Virgin say She would impart to you?

Vicka: “She told us that She would impart ten secrets.

Janko: “To each of the six of you?

Vicka: To each of us, as far as I know?

Janko: “And are those secrets the same for each of you?

Vicka: “They are and they aren’t

Janko: “And how is that?

Vicka: “Just so. The main secrets are the same, but perhaps some of us have a secret which applies to us alone.

Janko: “Do you have such a secret?

Vicka: “I have one. It is for me alone, since it concerns me only.

Janko: “Do the others have any such secrets?

Vicka: “That I don’t know. It seems to me that Ivan does.

Janko: “I know that Mirjana, Ivanka, and Marija don’t have any since they told me. I don’t, however, know for little Jakov. He didn’t want to answer me on that point, while Ivan said that he had three which concern him only.

Vicka: “So, alright, I told you what I know.

Janko: “But tell me, in their order, which secret is only for you?

Vicka: “Let’s let that be! That is important only to me.

Janko: “But, can’t you at least tell me that much without revealing your secret?

Vicka: “Well, it’s the fourth. And now be satisfied! 2

When the visionaries were asked of the secrets: “What should we do? How should we prepare? Should we be afraid? – they gave the following answers:3

Mirjana: “Our Lady’s messages here, prepare us for what is to come. She calls us to conversion now which means complete surrender to God. If we do that, we are not afraid, not even of death.”

Ivanka: “Nothing should frighten us except disobeying God’s Will.”

Vicka: “People should not be afraid if they are prepared. If we are afraid of these kinds of things, we don’t have confidence in God. Fear of this kind does not come from God. It can only come from satan who wants to disturb us, so that we close ourselves to God and are not able to pray. With God, you can only have confidence – and strength to go through any troubles. The best preparation is to pray every day, go to Mass, and read the Bible. With prayer and penance the chastisements can be lessened. I can only say: prepare. For all eternity, you will thank God if you do.”

Marija: “This is a time of great grace and mercy. Now is the time to listen to these messages and to change our lives. Those who do will never be able to thank God enough.” 4

The following is from a series of interviews by Fr. Janko Bubalo with Vicka in which she describes certain apparitions where Our Lady revealed one of the secrets to different visionaries.

Janko: “On the Immaculate Conception, you once told me – and I read the same in one of your notebooks – that the Virgin was less happy on that first feast day than you had expected. And, immediately upon appearing, She began to pray for the forgiveness of sin. You also told me that at the time, there was a fog-like definition beneath Her feet – as though the Virgin hovered above some sort of cloud of ashes and darkness. And that when you put questions to Her, She did not respond but continued to pray. It is also noted in that journal, that the Virgin smiled only lightly upon Her departure, but that even the smile was not as joyful as usual…It is also interesting as noted in that journal, that the Virgin spoke to you only about sin that following day and the day after…But it is a bit strange that the Virgin associated that [sin] with so great a feast day.

“…And this too: in conjunction with that feast, last year, 1982, She revealed to Ivanka and to Jakov that awful ninth secret. That was on the first day of the novena in honor of the Immaculate Conception. And on the very day of the feast, She revealed to you, that sad eighth secret. And this year, 1983, on the very feast itself, She revealed to Marija the already mentioned ninth. It is interesting that I, both last year and this year, was at the apparition and that I took note of how unhappy and awkward you were on both occasions at the revelation of the secrets – last year on Ivanka and you, and this year on Marija. We already mentioned somewhere what it was that Ivanka told me at the time, and Marija told me the same this year. For, when, in jest, I told her that she seemed frightened, she, quite seriously, told me that I, too, would have been frightened had I heard…

Vicka: “And she told you well!

Janko: “…it is a bit strange to me that the Virgin always associated such sad and heavy things along with this feast day.

Vicka: “I told you that I know nothing of why.

Janko: “And I, still less! But, as I said, perhaps God and the Virgin wish to stress, in conjunction with that feast in particular, the special purity that They are calling us to at this moment – and how we, through sin, become impure.

Vicka: “Perhaps. They (God and Our Lady) know what They are doing! 5

Janko: “It was on the 29th of November of last year (1982). That night the novena in honor of the Immaculate Conception was beginning. There were four of you, and when you went to the chapel for your encounter with the Virgin, I also entered. I took my place, as is my custom, so that I could contemplate you during the apparition…During the time of the encounter, I noticed two different moods in you, the Seers. You were smiling and bright-eyed as usual, even though you were seriously sick at the time. Marija was bright-eyed, if serious, as she usually is. But on Ivanka and Jakov’s faces it appeared as though they were experiencing something painful. I notice some sort of spasm on Ivanka – as though she were about to cry. And the Virgin behaved in a manner that She usually doesn’t.

Vicka: “How’s that?

Janko: “Well, She appeared after the very first word of the Our Father. And the silence of which I am speaking of began…And then you, after a few minutes with the Virgin, again continued the interrupted Our Father, and announced your “She’s gone!” The Virgin usually doesn’t work in that manner with you…After you all stood up and little Jakov asked each of you: “Did the Virgin give you a secret? Ivanka acknowledged that She had, while you and Marija said She had not done so for you.

Vicka: “At that time, the Virgin gave them the ninth secret and did not do so to Marija and me.

Janko: “Well, I heard that also at the time. I later asked Ivanka as to whether or not the Virgin showed her any glimpse of the secret. And, almost through tears, she said: ‘Why, I would have died had She shown it to me!’…Did you sense that the Virgin was telling them something special?

Vicka: “Yes, I did. But, I didn’t know what She was telling them. I saw that it was something serious because the Virgin was very serious herself. More serious than usual. Otherwise, nothing.

Janko: “I experienced something on the very day of the Immaculate Conception. Exactly when the novena had finished…I was with you then also, at your encounter with the Virgin. Again, something interesting, namely, on that occasion you, who normally look happy at the encounters, seemed somehow serious.

Vicka: “Perhaps. At the time, I also received the eighth secret.6

Mirjana had an apparition on November 6, 1982. Concerning the eighth secret, Mirjana is frightened and prays to Our Lady for mercy on mankind:

“I have prayed; the punishment has been softened. Repeated prayers and fasting reduce punishments from God, but it is not possible to avoid entirely the chastisement. Go on the streets of the city, count those who glorify God and those who offend Him. God can no longer endure that.”7

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Source: medjugorje.com

The Ten Secrets of Medjugorje

So what are the ten secrets of Medjugore, as most of them seem to be shrouded in mystery? Well if you take the account of the visionaries from the outset, which began with all six seers having apparitions on a hill, known as Mount Podbrodo, on June 24th 1981. In these apparitions, Our Lady conferred to the visionaries that she has come to tell us that God exists, and asks us to spread the message of peace Pray, fasting and to go to confession at least once a month, and also read our Bibles, as well as receive the Eucharist daily where possible. Our Lady also told the visionary that before the final apparition takes place a visible sign would be left on Podbrodo or the hill of apparitions, as it is more commonly known. So that non-believers will convert. It is also clear that when this miracle takes place, those present that need healing will be cured. In a clear affirmation to the apparitions at Fatima in 1917 on August 25, 1991 Our Lady said "Dear Children! Today also I invite you to prayer, now as never before when my plan has begun to be realized. Satan is strong and wants to sweep away plans of peace and joy and make you think that my Son is not strong in his decisions. Therefore, I call all of you, dear children to pray and fast still more firmly. I invite you to realize through the secrets I began in Fatima may be fulfilled. I call you, dear children, to grasp the importance of my coming and the seriousness of the situation. I want to save all souls and present them to God. Therefore, let us pray that everything I have begun be fully realized. Thank you for having responded to my call."
We are now approaching the 26th anniversary of those first apparitions and we know that three of the visionaries have received all ten of the secrets and no longer have daily apparitions Jakov Colo who was ten at the time and who is now 36 received the tenth secret on the 12th of September 1998 He now only receives messages annually this is the message given him on December 25th 1998. After the apparition, which began at 11.50 a.m. and lasted 12 minutes, Jakov wrote: "Our Lady came joyful. She greeted me, as always, with 'Praised be Jesus!' She spoke to me about the secrets
and afterwards gave me this message: "Dear children! Today, on the birthday of my Son, my heart is filled with immeasurable joy, love and peace. As your mother, I desire for each of you to feel that same joy, peace and love in the heart. That is why do not be afraid to open your heart and to completely surrender yourself to Jesus, because only in this way can He enter into your heart and fill it with love, peace and joy. I bless you with my motherly blessing". Jakov prayed with his family. He prepared himself for the apparition with Confession and Holy Mass. After the apparition, he cried for a while.
Ivanka Ivankovic-ElezWas born on July 21st 1966 and the youngest of the four girls. It was Ivanka while climbing Mount Podbrdo who saw the shimmering image of Our Lady first. One of the first questions she asked Our Lady was how her mother was who had recently died. To which Our Lady replied her mother was in heaven. Ivanka has spoken to her mother on a number of occasions over the years and this is seen as a gift from God. She had apparitions from June 24, 1981 up until May 7 1985, it was on this day that she received the final tenth secret. Married with children she receives her apparition on June 25th of each year and Ivanka remains in Medjugorje. Her message for young people is to pray more only in this way can they find true happiness and truth. Ivanka prays for families as Our lady wishes


It is well documented that the seventh secret has been mitigated some years ago through fasting and prayer. And so this might suggest that prayer and fasting affect the ten secrets not in the order one would naturally expect. As the first three secrets are thought to be admonitions, and thereafter to occur the great visible sign on apparition hill

April 25, 1992 "Dear children! Today also I invite you to prayer. Only by prayer, and fasting, can war be stopped.
Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo who is now 42 received messages from June 24th 1981 till December 25th 1982. Mirjana is a mother of three she now receives a message on the 2nd of each month this has occurred since the 2nd of August 1987 she also receives an annual apparition on her birthday march 18th. Mirjana received the tenth secret on December 25th 1982
We know that before the visible sign that there will be three admonitions or warnings on earth We will be forewarned of these events as Mirjana will be a witness and tell Fr. Petar Ljubicic in Medjugorje 10 days before the secret occurs. Both will then fast and pray for one week and then Fr Ljubicic will tell the world three days before the secret transpires. It is also Mirjana who received a parchment from the Blessed Virgin Mary, which contains the ten secrets. But Mirjana safely assures us it is not possible for anyone to see what is written as even family members were at a loss, as it is of a supernatural origin and has been scientifically tested. It so happened that Mirjana was staying with her grandmother in Bijakovici, and how she would become the second to see the Blessed Mother that June summers day in 1981, and the first to receive all ten secrets. Our Lady has decided it is Mirjana who will pray for all unbelievers, those who have not felt Gods love, and this is indeed what occurs on the second of each month. Mirjana prays and is not aware when Our Lady will appear, only that she will.

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