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The Parchment

Mirjana, one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje, was the first visionary to receive all the Ten Secrets. Our Lady has given her the responsibility to reveal the secrets to the world when it is time. Our Lady gave Mirjana a parchment with all the secrets written on them. It is made of a material not found on this earth. The following is an interview with Mirjana in June of 1988 during the filming of the Caritas Medjugorje Documentary called The Lasting Sign. Mirjana, at this time, was not married and living in Sarajevo with Her family. Mirjana was asked about the parchment given to her by Our Lady containing the Ten Secrets.

Question: “Would you tell us now about the parchment that relates to the secrets?

Mirjana: “On this parchment I have ten secrets, with the dates and the places where they are going to take place. That parchment I should give to the priest of my choice. Ten days before the secret, I will give this paper to him. He will only be able to see the secret that is going to happen. He will only be able to see the first secret. He will pray and fast on bread and water. On the third day before the secret is divulged, he will make it public – that this and that will happen at this and this place. This should be convincing that Our Lady had been here – that She did not call us in vain to peace, to love, to conversion.

Q: “Where is the parchment now?

M: “In my room. When I got all the ten secrets, I was always afraid that I might forget something. I was not sure about myself to remember all those dates. It gave me trouble all the time. So one day, while I was having the vision, Mary simply gave me that, we call it foil, that parchment. It is neither a paper or a tissue or fabric – just like an old pigment parchment. So all ten secrets are nicely written on it and so I keep that paper in the drawer with the rest of my papers. I showed it to a cousin of mine and she just saw a letter. She did not see any secrets, she just saw it as a letter. And I showed it to, I think it was my aunt. I showed it to her and she just saw certain poems. Nobody sees the same. Only me, only I can see the secrets, so there is no danger – I don’t have to hide it, to conceal it. I can keep it on the table because nobody is able to read it, the secrets.

Q: “When you show it to other people, don’t they notice that it is a special texture or form, that it is not ordinary paper – even though they can’t read anything on it?

M: They were all confused. One saw it was a song, one saw it was a letter. They were surprised. So I thought something was wrong about that, so that I should not show it to anybody else. It caused laughter, surprise. I just folded the paper and put it away in my drawer.”1

Our Lady told Mirjana to choose a priest that would be responsible for revealing the secrets. Mirjana chose Fr. Petar Ljubicic. Fr. Ljubicic was interviewed by a Friend of Medjugorje for Radio Wave in 2008. In part of the interview, Fr. Petar was asked about what he knew about the parchment.

Q: “Have you ever seen the parchment or held the parchment?

Fr. Petar: “Some people I know, they did tell me that they have seen it. Personally I never did. Some of her cousins saw it…And Our Lady then said to Mirjana do not show this to anyone yet, until the time of the revelation comes. Mirjana, during the war, was in Sarajevo. When she returned, she forgot the parchment and left it in Sarajevo. A year or two ago, a soldier brought it to her with all her belongings that she left behind during the war. She asked him, ‘how did you know this parchment belongs to me.’ He said, ‘I had a feeling in my soul that I should bring this to you.’ I don’t know what is here, but this is what happens with this parchment. Again, something I would say is miraculous.

Q: “Wow, so this man did not know Mirjana?

Fr. Petar: “No, he just brought it to her house and that is it. But he didn’t know her in Sarajevo and he didn’t know that she was living in Sarajevo at the time.”2


1. Interview for Caritas of Birmingham The Lasting Sign Documentary, 1988.
2. Radio Wave interview with Fr. Petar Ljubicic by A Friend of Medjugorje, 2008.

Source: medjugorje.com

The Ten Secrets of Medjugorje

So what are the ten secrets of Medjugore, as most of them seem to be shrouded in mystery? Well if you take the account of the visionaries from the outset, which began with all six seers having apparitions on a hill, known as Mount Podbrodo, on June 24th 1981. In these apparitions, Our Lady conferred to the visionaries that she has come to tell us that God exists, and asks us to spread the message of peace Pray, fasting and to go to confession at least once a month, and also read our Bibles, as well as receive the Eucharist daily where possible. Our Lady also told the visionary that before the final apparition takes place a visible sign would be left on Podbrodo or the hill of apparitions, as it is more commonly known. So that non-believers will convert. It is also clear that when this miracle takes place, those present that need healing will be cured. In a clear affirmation to the apparitions at Fatima in 1917 on August 25, 1991 Our Lady said "Dear Children! Today also I invite you to prayer, now as never before when my plan has begun to be realized. Satan is strong and wants to sweep away plans of peace and joy and make you think that my Son is not strong in his decisions. Therefore, I call all of you, dear children to pray and fast still more firmly. I invite you to realize through the secrets I began in Fatima may be fulfilled. I call you, dear children, to grasp the importance of my coming and the seriousness of the situation. I want to save all souls and present them to God. Therefore, let us pray that everything I have begun be fully realized. Thank you for having responded to my call."
We are now approaching the 26th anniversary of those first apparitions and we know that three of the visionaries have received all ten of the secrets and no longer have daily apparitions Jakov Colo who was ten at the time and who is now 36 received the tenth secret on the 12th of September 1998 He now only receives messages annually this is the message given him on December 25th 1998. After the apparition, which began at 11.50 a.m. and lasted 12 minutes, Jakov wrote: "Our Lady came joyful. She greeted me, as always, with 'Praised be Jesus!' She spoke to me about the secrets
and afterwards gave me this message: "Dear children! Today, on the birthday of my Son, my heart is filled with immeasurable joy, love and peace. As your mother, I desire for each of you to feel that same joy, peace and love in the heart. That is why do not be afraid to open your heart and to completely surrender yourself to Jesus, because only in this way can He enter into your heart and fill it with love, peace and joy. I bless you with my motherly blessing". Jakov prayed with his family. He prepared himself for the apparition with Confession and Holy Mass. After the apparition, he cried for a while.
Ivanka Ivankovic-ElezWas born on July 21st 1966 and the youngest of the four girls. It was Ivanka while climbing Mount Podbrdo who saw the shimmering image of Our Lady first. One of the first questions she asked Our Lady was how her mother was who had recently died. To which Our Lady replied her mother was in heaven. Ivanka has spoken to her mother on a number of occasions over the years and this is seen as a gift from God. She had apparitions from June 24, 1981 up until May 7 1985, it was on this day that she received the final tenth secret. Married with children she receives her apparition on June 25th of each year and Ivanka remains in Medjugorje. Her message for young people is to pray more only in this way can they find true happiness and truth. Ivanka prays for families as Our lady wishes


It is well documented that the seventh secret has been mitigated some years ago through fasting and prayer. And so this might suggest that prayer and fasting affect the ten secrets not in the order one would naturally expect. As the first three secrets are thought to be admonitions, and thereafter to occur the great visible sign on apparition hill

April 25, 1992 "Dear children! Today also I invite you to prayer. Only by prayer, and fasting, can war be stopped.
Mirjana Dragicevic-Soldo who is now 42 received messages from June 24th 1981 till December 25th 1982. Mirjana is a mother of three she now receives a message on the 2nd of each month this has occurred since the 2nd of August 1987 she also receives an annual apparition on her birthday march 18th. Mirjana received the tenth secret on December 25th 1982
We know that before the visible sign that there will be three admonitions or warnings on earth We will be forewarned of these events as Mirjana will be a witness and tell Fr. Petar Ljubicic in Medjugorje 10 days before the secret occurs. Both will then fast and pray for one week and then Fr Ljubicic will tell the world three days before the secret transpires. It is also Mirjana who received a parchment from the Blessed Virgin Mary, which contains the ten secrets. But Mirjana safely assures us it is not possible for anyone to see what is written as even family members were at a loss, as it is of a supernatural origin and has been scientifically tested. It so happened that Mirjana was staying with her grandmother in Bijakovici, and how she would become the second to see the Blessed Mother that June summers day in 1981, and the first to receive all ten secrets. Our Lady has decided it is Mirjana who will pray for all unbelievers, those who have not felt Gods love, and this is indeed what occurs on the second of each month. Mirjana prays and is not aware when Our Lady will appear, only that she will.

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